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Membrane Bio-Reactor


Membrane Bio-Reactor

The membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a biological system coupled with a membrane to enhance solid-liquid separation and filtration. The membrane is made of cost effective non-woven fibrous material. It has many outstanding properties, such as controllable pore size and easy fabrication of the membrane module to achieve desired surface area. The MBR can achieve desired permeation rate at low trans-membrane pressure.


  • Stable operation and superior effluent quality
  • Easy retrofitting in existing plants
  • Easy process control
  • Small footprint
  • Lower sludge production


  • Controllable pore size distribution
  • Easy fabrication of membrane module
  • High specific permeate flux at low trans-membrane pressure


  • Food processing wastewater
  • Textile wastewater
  • Pulp & paper wastewater
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical wastewater
  • Low-medium strength wastewater
  • Enhanced nitrification of treated effluent
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