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Operation and Maintenance


Operation and Maintenance

“Outsourcing O&M” is the key word to increasing efficiency and reducing costs. While core focus of any company is on marketing and sales, handing over the more challenging aspect of the business to an O&M outsourcing partner like Aqua Designs would be a wise decision.

An O&M contract with Aqua Designs guarantees the client’s facility Is taken care of by an accountable and competent partner. Our contribution and scope of responsibility are always centered on the efficient running and professional upkeep of the plant. we have an experienced team who are in-charge of our well equipped laboratory with extensive facilities including analysis of physical, chemical and biological parameters as per the requirements of the State Pollutions Control Board and our customers.
Our O&M services team helps ensure optimum performance at plants from initial project support to mobilization. Our highly trained specialists work with the clients and provide technical expertise & services to help run the plan efficiently. Aqua Designs specializes In O&M with a blend of trained personnel having complete experience to undertake the complex activities like Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Microbiological activities.

How we do it

Aqua Designs is a pioneer in industrial wastewater treatment and reuse. Our plants are recycling industrial wastewater in more than 100 site locations, which includes many big players like –TWAD, TNSCB, Field fresh, Empee Breweries, Coca Cola, Sterlite Industries, Tata Global etc. On any given day, we manage around 50 million litres of treated water. Over the years we have evolved using the latest technology, expertise and cost effective processes and our treatment includes

Primary treatment

  • Screening
  • Grit removal
  • 0il & Grease removal
  • Equalizatlon
  • Neutralization

Secondary Treatment

Removal of suspended solids by clarifier/ filtration
Removal of COO through:

  • Conventional Activated Sludge process
  • Submerged Bed Bio-reactor
  • Fluidized Bed Bio-reactor
  • Membrane Bio-reactor

Tertiary treatment

Removal of total dissolved solids, reactive silica by

  • Ultra filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Electr0-Deonization

Reject management by

  • Multi-effect evaporation
  • Centrifuge
  • Belt filter press

We Monitor Leak control Speedy and quality repairs Pressure management Pipeline and Asset management

We Specialize in..

  • Raw Water Treatment Plants
  • Process Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants – MBR Technology
  • Sea Water / Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Recycling System For Treated Trade Effluent / Sewage – UF & RO
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Condensate Polishing Unit


Aqua – Sub Membrane Bio Reactor [MBR]

Aqua Designs believes in continual improvement and offers Innovative solutions to customer. One such concept is Aqua – Sub Membrane Bio-Reactor Technology Installed for full fledged effluent treatment plants to treat the effluent generated from the unit to the standards prescribed by Pollution Control Board. The membrane used in Aqua-sub MBR is a special version of the ultra filtration type. These membranes filter the solids in the effluent pumped Into It from the bioreactor or aeration tank which In turn is recycled back to the aeration tank, thereby replacing the secondary clarification step which Is required In a conventional activated sludge process. The continuous recycle of the filtered solids from the membrane to the aeration tank enables high MLSS to be maintained, thereby reducing footprint of the aeration tank and at the same time enabling high organic load to be treated.


Systems are the control desks for automatic and manual functions with respect to the plant operations and status feedback. It keeps the plant in dynamic conditions with provision for online data and various reports viz. history, fault alarms, trend chart. It has the following advantages;

  • The entire system can be monitored & controlled from a single control center.
  • Minimizes human interface with machine and thus the possibility of errors & maintenance free operations and also to maintain consistent level of operations .
  • Data logging of all processes parameters with alarm for Plant data Analysis
  • Increased plant productivity In terms of treated water quality and quantity .
  • Safe operation & maintenance of performance by plant operators, eliminating the need for expert consultation.
  • Cost-effective system support during the warranty period

Our Commitment and Responsibility

  • Support Functions
  • State-of-the-art in-house Laboratory
  • Specialty Chemicals for water treatment Spares
  • Purchase
  • Technical consultations
  • Fabrication & Supply
  • Augmentation / retrofitting

Scope of Activities

  • Complete plant staffing
  • Daily operation and maintenance of the plant
  • Training on Health and Safety programs
  • Maintenance services including spare parts supply
  • Plant equipment service and repair
  • Daily monitoring with recorded log sheets
  • Site specific maintenance program
  • Switch gear maintenance management Program

Lab – On the Go

Sophisticated mobile laboratory service offers the following on-site services:

  • Stack monitoring
  • Noise level survey
  • Illumination survey
  • Work zone air quality monitoring
  • Ambient air quality survey
  • Water & Wastewater testing

In-House Lab facilities

  • Pilot plant study & training
  • Analysis of water & wastewater/ Analysis of gaseous emission/ Ambient Air quality Monitoring
  • Analysis of Solid/ Hazardous waste/ Treatability study
  • Flue gas, Process gas stack-monitoring & analysis

From Operation and Maintenance of equipment and Chemical treatment of effluents to Renovation of existing plants, our services deliver the best and meet the present scenario. Our team ensures that the treated effluent meets the norms of the Pollution Control Board and the requirements of the customer.

As part of the continual improvement, we provide training programs to our engineers and technicians such as site-specific training, refresher courses, soft skill development courses and personality development courses. The team is evaluated periodically based on their performance and behavioural conduct in order to enhance their abilities.
‘Customer satisfaction’ is our mantra that we consistently follow throughout and it is what defines our accomplishments.

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