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Sea Water Desalination


Sea Water Desalination

Desalination is process to remove minerals from saline water. Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. The evolution of reverse osmosis process using thin-film composite membrane and major improvements in membranes, energy recovery, pumps, pressure vessels have brought down the cost of desalination.

Reverse osmosis, today, is considered a key technology in desalination. Membrane processes use semi-permeable membranes and pressure to separate salts from water. As the water permeates through the membrane most of the dissolved impurities are removed, along with the removal of salt by 99.5%. The impurities are left behind in the flowing water and the concentrated stream from the membranes is discharged to the ocean. To keep the system operation efficient the design of the complete system must optimize the flows, the area of the membranes and other conditions.

Aqua Designs is equipped with number of Reverse Osmosis systems for seawater desalination.

For successful desalination appropriate understanding of the system and design is required to be able to remove the salt content and micro-organisms from the seawater. The high degree of turbidity and corrosiveness of the seawater also requires measures to overcome these. Experience in seawater desalination and recent improvements in energy recovery and low energy membranes have brought down the cost of seawater desalination.

  • SWRO – Sea Water Reverse Osmosis
  • ERT – Energy Recovery Turbine
  • Pressure Exchangers
  • Recuprator type valveless energy recovery system
  • Auto cleaning DISC filters
  • Thermal Desalination
  • MED
  • MSF
  • Solar operated desalination stand-alone plants
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